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Welcome to the homepage of
Frans & Thea

For some time, we have been investigating to find all the descendants
Claes Werry.

He was born at Schaesberg in 1700 and hung at Kerkrade in 1743, for being member of a gang of thieves, better known as the


This homepage is still under construction. In time, it will give you some more information about our factual findings.

Perhaps you could even help.
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Eventually we hope to be able to show a full list of all descendants of Claes Werry that we found (as long as they carry the surname Werry), and include an alphabetical list of names, on which the partners will be mentioned as well.

Furthermore, we hope to give some background information about Claes Werry, as found in the documents referring to the legal proceedings against him.

We kindly ask for suggestions, comments, etc.

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